Elevate the aesthetics of your commercial or retail space with metal planter troughs, a modern and versatile solution for adding greenery to walls, floors, and create partitions. Crafted from premium -grade stainless steel or powder-coated aluminum, these troughs provide a durable and stylish canvas for showcasing your plant life.

With their elongated design, they offer ample space for creating vibrant displays of cascading plants, lush ferns, or flowering vines. Mount them on interior or exterior walls to transform bare surfaces into living walls, adding a touch of natural beauty to your office, retail space, or hospitality venue. Place them on floors to deliniate areas, or create privacy.

MATERIAL: 0.125″ marine grade 5052 aluminum
FINISH: Durable, UV rated powder coat
TOP LIP: Standard 1″ lip
**1 1/2 lip with 1″ return
powder coating colour options
trough planter
troughs dimensions
trough dimensions
trough dimensions