How do you paint your planters?

We actually don’t “paint” our planters, we powder coat them. Powder coating is an environmentally friendly coating process that creates no VOC’s and creates a more durable finish than wet paint.

What kind of powder coat do you use?
We use a specific type of powder that is long lasting and durable. They are “super durable” powder coats, which means they are UV rated and impact resistant.
What colours can I get my planters powder coated?
The short answer is any colour you want! That being said, we have 8 stock colours that you can choose from at no extra charge. However, if you do need a custom colour we can easily help you with that.
What metal do you make your planters out of?
We make our planters out of a variety different sheet metals, but typically we are using thick gauge, marine grade aluminum. Our go-to is usually 1/8” thick 5052 aluminum alloy. This is what all of our Stock planters are made out of. We fabricate using this thickness and employ fabrication techniques to make our planters incredibly strong, so they will not bow out or deflect. This enables us to keep prices down while producing a premium and robust product.
When needed, we fabricate out of thicker gauges of 5000 and 6000 series aluminum and also fabricate using stainless, corten and galvanized steels of various thicknesses.
How thick should the metal be for my custom planters?
There is no generic answer to this question. However, when placing an order or asking for a quote, we will definitely recommend what thickness would be most appropriate for you project. We approach these recommendations by properly balancing the fabrication requirements of your planters with providing you with the best possible price. This means that in most cases we never have to go with material thicker than 3/16”.
Can you ship my planters to me?
Yes, absolutely! We are teamed up with Logistics partners that help us move planters all over North America. Alternatively, you are welcome to arrange pick up of your order from our factory at no extra charge. For all of our orders, we make sure they are well packed and protected, so they show up to your site in pristine condition.